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creativeLIVE - Tamara Lackey - Sales Sales Sales - fix

creativeLIVE - Tamara Lackey - Sales Sales Sales (REDUCED)
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"creativeLIVE - Tamara Lackey - Sales Sales Sales - fix"

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creativeLIVE - Tamara Lackey - Sales Sales Sales - fix

creativeLIVE - Tamara Lackey - Sales Sales Sales (REDUCED)
English | MP4 | MPEG 313 kbps 15 fps | 640x360 | AAC 128 kbps 22 KHz | 2.79 GB

One of Jay Abraham and Dan Kennedy's main points is that you want to be looking at marketing OUTSIDE of your niche. See what is going on out in the real world so to speak. Tamara Lackey is a professional photographer. Talk about selling a future event and even though photographs are tangible things, she is really selling a future service. Sound familiar to you? She has a marvelous take on positioning, managing client expectations, and roll up your sleeves marketing your services. This presentation she actually does face-to-face role playing. I am VERY impressed with her and I think you will be too. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Thanks to the usual suspects for the heads up this. The Magic Shrink Ray(tm) saved us about 45% and I ripped an audio set for those on the go. This is almost 16 hours of content and worth your attention.

Here is some copy from her sales page:
Iíve heard some nightmare stories from both photographers AND clients about the missing piece of this vital part of running a business that is based around doing work you love, while offering a wonderful client experience. This 3-day course isnít just about how to create a sales process that works for everyone Ė but itís also about how to get past any lingering concerns about being comfortable with this vital part of business, seeing what types of images many clients prefer and why itís worth the extra effort to produce them. And, most importantly, about how to see the smaller bumps in the road actually adding to the greater journey, not just existentially Ė but on the actual bottom line of your photographic and business success. This is something sorely missed in most sales courses, and I think itís a massive component in what makes a business, and an artistís creative energy, thrive. JOIN us live, for free, by registering here.

People love to buy ... but people hate to be sold to. If this is true for you, too, why would you ever want to be perceived as a salesperson? Most of us don't.This three-day course is dubbed "The Comprehensive Course" because it not only covers the nuts and bolts of achieving great sales but goes far beyond, with the intention of priming you to consistently sell your work for what it's truly worth - and to create even better relationships with clients who will appreciate a better experience.

If you own your own small business, you are in a 100% sales commission job. Tamara Lackey has worked in a 100%-commission based sales role for 15 years, achieving remarkable success in sales before she ever picked up a camera professionally. Tamara will show you exactly how she maintains a consistently high sales average in multiple genres, sharing how to conquer fear of criticism and self-doubt to make the
entire process significantly more enjoyable and - a first for creativeLIVE - she will showcase detailed evaluations of each in-studio audience member's sales sessions to show what works, what doesn't, and how you may be killing your sales!

Tamara Lackey

Photography, Business

3 Day Workshop
Purchase course to stream or download videos.

Session 1 July 20, 2012 5 Hours 53 Minutes 57 Seconds
Day 1 Pre-Show Banter
09:00 am - Problems with Sales
09:15 am - What is a Salesperson?
09:45 am - You and Your Sales
10:45 am - Why People Buy
11:15 am - Who People Love to Buy From
12:00 pm - Building Rapport and Trust with Clients
01:30 pm - The Sales Process
01:45 pm - How to Stop Feeling Awkward About Sales
02:15 pm - The DOs and DON'Ts of the Sales Process
03:15 pm - More DOs and DON'Ts
03:30 pm - An End-to-End Process That Works

Session 2 July 21, 2012 (5 Hours 56 Minutes 52 Seconds)
Day 2 Pre-Show Banter
09:00 am - Selling Your Photography
09:15 am - Step-by-Step Sales, Part I
10:00 am - Interview: George Varanakis
10:45 am - Step-by-Step Sales, Part 2
11:30 am - Active Listening
12:00 pm - Pricing
01:00 pm - Past Student Testimonial: Nikki
01:15 pm - Student Evaluation: Carey's E-mails
01:45 pm - Student Evaluation: Nicole
02:30 pm - Student Evaluation: Lori
03:00 pm - Stop Giving Up Too Soon
03:15 pm - Skype Call with Charlie Engle
03:45 pm - Making Good Images into Bestselling Images

Session 3 July 22, 2012 (4 Hours 53 Minutes 31 Seconds)
Day 3 Pre-Show Banter
09:15 am - Student Evaluation: Michael
09:30 am - Shooting for Maximum Client Satisfaction
10:00 am - Prepping for the Shoot
10:30 am - Shoot: Family Session
11:30 am - Post-Shoot Family Debrief
01:15 pm - Family Image Review Session
01:30 pm - Print and Product Options
02:15 pm - Boosting Your Energy for Sales
02:30 pm - On Regrets
03:00 pm - Thanks + Credits
03:15 pm - Handling Criticism, Lack of Confidence, and Self Doubt






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