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MusicDevelopments RapidComposer 3.5 Portable
MusicDevelopments RapidComposer 3.5 (x64) Portable | 51.6 Mb

RapidComposer is a complete solution for music composers, both amateurs and professionals. It is a comprehensive software that offers you advanced tools for score composing or editing. With its preview tool you can listen to your creation as you compose it.

RapidComposer 1.93
RapidComposer 1.93 | 18.4 MB

RapidComposer - is a universal program for writing music, intended for composers and musicians working in different styles. Workstations for digital audio are perfect for mixing and mastering, but they are not designed for writing music. RapidComposer created specifically for writing music, so has the functions that are not even the best and most expensive DAW. RapidComposer no better DAW - it is completely different.