Workshop of Charles Neil ???? Making Large Panels (New Links)

Workshop of Charles Neil ????? Making Large Panels
MP4 | AVC 930kbps | English | 624x416 | 29.97fps | 1h 32mins | AAC stereo 110kbps | 688 MB
Genre: Video Training

Charles Neil takes you through grain matching, ripping, gluing, surfacing and creating large panels for case sides, table tops and more. A lot of information about panel making packed into a 92 minute visit with Charles Neil at his workshop.

CreativeLive ????? Bellies and Babies with Sandy Puc

CreativeLive ???? Bellies and Babies with Sandy Puc
English | WMV | wmv3, yuv420p, 960x536, 300 kb/s | wmav2, 44100 Hz, stereo, 96 kb/s | 2.88GB
Genre: Video Training

Bellies & Babies
Join renowned children’s photographer Sandy Puc’, as she shows you how to capture enchanting images that tug at your heartstrings and bring big business to your studio. In three days with tons of hands-on shooting, you’ll learn how to catch natural expressions, what must-have tools every studio needs, and how to roll with any situation to get the best from your tiny subjects. Sandy will also share all her secrets for marketing to mommies, consultations that increase sales, and workflow that leaves more profit in your pricing.
Stephen Brooks ???? Online Indirect Hypnosis Course

Stephen Brooks ????? Online Indirect Hypnosis Course
26xFlash Video | ~375 kb/s | 320x240 | 26x ~60 min | English: MP3 64 kb/s (2 ch) | 5.62 GB
Genre: Video Training

These are demonstrations of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Sessions done by Stephen Brooks with and without explicit description of what’s being done. Each item consists of two or more videos from wich one is usually Unedited Therapy Session and the other is Therapy Session with Analysis/Commentary or Q&As Session.
Tom Cosm's Bullshit Free Dubstep and Glitch Hop Power Course (Ableton Live). Extreme

Tom Cosm's Bullshit Free Dubstep and Glitch Hop Power Course (Ableton Live). Extreme!
English | MOV | H264 928 kbps 30 fps | 1440x900 | AAC 128 kbps 44 KHz | 3.13 GB
Genre: elearning
This series includes all of the videos Ableton Live Sets and Samples to complete the course
From Tom:
20 High Def videos covering the creation of a tune from start to finish with a huge focus on 16 full power bassline patches as well as 20 Ableton live project files to match each video.
I begin by laying down a drum beat adding some fills giving it some groove then jump straight into the synthesis of heavy basslines. I start basic explaining how things work why things do what they do the tools you have available and end up with some of the most advanced and unique tricks and techniques my mind can come up with.
Cisco ACS Security v5.2.0.26 (Full Version)

Cisco ACS Security v5.2.0.26 (Full Version) | 4.34GB
Genre: Video Training

Cisco ACS ?? Security v5.2.0.26
No Need License
install on VMware Workstation 8
Train Signal ???? Windows 7 Administration Training DVD1, DVD3 (Exam 70-680)

Train Signal ???? Windows 7 Administration Training DVD1 DVD3 (Exam 70-680)
English | TSCC 800x600 4:3 15.00fps 883Kbps | PCM 2205KHz mono 352.8Kbps | 7.58 GB
Genre: eLearning
Windows 7 Administration Training Course included:
* Nearly 18 Hours of Windows 7 Administration Training Videos Jam Packed on 3 DVDs!
* Instant Access Online to the entire training course
* Multiple File Formats Make It Convenient for You To Learn Anywhere You Go! iPod Video Mp3 Audio .WMV & high quality .AVI video
* PDF of Instructor Notes allow you to follow along with the videos and take more organized notes.
Windows 7 Training Course Outline
Total Training Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Advanced (repost)

Total Training Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Advanced
English | ISO | WMV | 960x540 | WVC1 282Kbps | WMA2 48Kbps | 1.37 GB
Total Training for Adobe Photoshop CS5 Advanced is the perfect way to move from Photoshop novice to Photoshop expert. Follow along with advanced techniques and time-saving tips the pros use including power user essentials advanced layers masks and selections painting raw file editing working with 3D Video and Animation Retouching Compositing and more. By the time you are done with this series you will have learned how to produce high-quality professional-level results image after image. This series is perfect for the beginner or intermediate digital artists who want to hone their photoshop skills and learn the advanced techniques of this powerful image-editing software.
Woodworking Essentials 1 ???? Working Wood with Paul Sellers

Woodworking Essentials 1 ???? Working Wood with Paul Sellers
2011 | AVI | XviD 2000 kbps | 720x480 | 29.97 fps | MP3 128 kbps | 85 min. | 1.25 GB.
Genre: Video Training
The Artisan Course with Paul Sellers Woodworking Essentials 1 is an introduction to the properties of wood with a focus on shaping using a range of Working Wood techniques. In this 90-minute video Paul teaches you to efficiently shape wood using razor-sharp hand tools. You'll learn simple fast shaping methods for making completed beautiful projects such as bowls spoons and carved shaped stools.
From his background as a working craftsman Paul takes you step-by-step from the raw elements of splitting and riving wood to shaping and carving a range of useful projects using traditional hand methods. You learn skills and techniques historically used for training artisan apprentices; yet in just a few days you'll gain the deeper understanding that guarantees a successful apprenticing strategy.
From sharpening carving gouges and chisels to scalloping bowls and chair seats you will readily understand the internal dynamics and structure of wood grain and the properties that make the art of hand tool woodworking so unique.
Wine & Dine [Video Tutorials]


Wine & Dine [Video Tutorials]

Size 115 MB | 7 Videos | HD Videos


Learn how to order and evaluate wine (without feeling foolish), split the bill fairly (without looking
cheap), send food back (without getting it spit on), perform the Heimlich Maneuver (without breaking
anyones ribs), and much more. We'll even show you how to fold those elegant restaurant napkin
designs at home.
[pluralsight-training] Building HTML5 and javascript Apps with MVVM and Knockout (2012)

[pluralsight-training] Building HTML5 and javascript Apps with MVVM and Knockout (2012) | 661 MB
Genre: Video Training

Do you write a lot of HTML, javascript, and jQuery to push and pull data? Does your javascript seem to lack the structure and patterns of your non script code? In this course you will learn popular techniques to use data binding to bind your data to your target controls in HTML writing less code, but gaining more power. See how to consume json data, use json objects in javascript, and use declarative binding all by using the KnockoutJS javascript library. Learn how the XAML data binding paradigm has been brought to the web world with observable objects, change notifications, subscriptions, and 2 way bindings. Explore modern javascript patterns and practices that follow the SOLID principles, reduce errors in your code, and make code easier to maintain. After taking this course you will have a solid foundation for building robust web apps using common javascript patterns, MVVM, and KnockoutJS.