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Face Off Max

Face Off Max | 25.99 MB

Face Off Max - Make fun photo by putting your face on another body using any photo or template. Haven't you ever wondered how you would look if you had another body? Wouldn't it be great to see your face in a celebrity group or on a magazine cover? Now Face Off Max enables you to embarrass your coworkers, make yourself look cool and make your friends look like dweebs all with a few clicks of the mouse. Our amazingly simple and easy interface, step-by-step instruction and hundreds of fantastic templates allow anyone to be a professional artist.
FabulaTech Network Serial Port Kit v5.8


FabulaTech Network Serial Port Kit v5.8 | 6.61 MB

Network Serial Port Kit allows you to work with any serial devices connected to remote computers as if they were connected directly to your PC. Moreover, this functionality can be easily integrated into your software. You can easily share and access remote printers and hard disks over network. But there is no standard solution which allows working with remote serial devices. GPS-receivers, barcode scanners, modems, sensors, PBX, laboratory equipment are not usually dedicated to be shared over network.

Vue 10 (Win+Mac) + Extras 10.00-04 10007908 x86/x64 [2011/ENG]

Vue 10 (Win+Mac) + Extras 10.00-04 10007908 x86/x64 [2011/ENG] | 2.7GB

E-on Vue 10 xStream - professional program for the modeling of landscapes, animation and rendering natural three-dimensional media, has integration modules with software 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, LightWave, Maya and Softimage. Vue xStream 10 is designed for CG professionals can create and edit any of the scenes and provides many unique opportunities to create a landscape.
Any scene can be downloaded directly to your favorite program, including the entire ecosystem, all types of atmospheres, cameras, lighting, plants, landscapes, etc.


FabulaTech Printer for Remote Desktop v1.0.1

FabulaTech Printer for Remote Desktop v1.0.1 | 12.80 mb

Those who work in a remote desktop environment know what a headache printing can be. Up until now there have been several workarounds to do it. You could transfer the file you want to print to your local machine. But in this case software for printing is required and in addition you need to switch between the remote session and the local system which makes it inconvenient. You could plug your printer directly into the remote computer but the location of the remote side could make it unaccessible. Or you could use Windows printer redirection over RDP. But in a multi-user environment each printer needs its individual drivers on the remote computer and each user has to select needed printer from the list of all printers redirected to the remote side. This is often a cause for confusion.

Terragen 2.3 + XfrogPlants 2.3 x86/x64 [2011/ENG]

Terragen 2.3 + XfrogPlants 2.3 x86/x64 [2011/ENG] | 15.24GB

Terragen - is a unique program that generates landscapes close to reality. Terragen allows control of the flora, lakes, oceans, landscapes, rivers, weather, sun, moon and stars. The flexibility of the program allows you to create a truly distinct landscapes. The quality of the landscape at the highest professional level: huge resolution, realistic look, effects, and so on. Images can be recorded as a sequence to be used in future to record a video.

Registry Clean Easy

Registry Clean Easy | 3.52MB

Registry Clean Easy is a reliable registry cleaning tool providing an all-in-one and quite convenient approach for PC maintenance and privacy. With it you can safely scan, clean, repair, and optimize your system with only several mouse clicks. The reliable scanning covers your entire system, aiming to give your PC the full-scale protection by repairing all the errors, invalid registry entries and files. It has many useful tools integrated in Registry Optimizer, including disk cleaner, file pulverizer, and start up manager allow you to grab more benefits just in one program.
Comathi Developer 1.0

Comathi Developer 1.0 |290KB

Comathi Developer is a great tool for programmers on the go. It requires no installation, is light-weight and supports many popular file types.
AVCHD to iPhone iPad iPod 1.0

AVCHD to iPhone iPad iPod 1.0 | 6MB

You cannot put AVCHD video files into the library of iTunes. You cannot play an AVCHD video smoothly on YouTube you uploaded. This is the software to solve these problems, converting AVCHD video files for iPhone/iPad/iPod. This software is a donationware (very similar to freeware, but I welcome your donation). Although this software displays a message for asking your donation, you can use its full functionality without making a donation. How to use: 1. Drag & Drop the video files that you wish to convert as shown below: That's it! Very easy! Additional information: - Converted video files are output to the Desktop. - Please drag & drop the converted video files into iTunes - Library - Movie, and click Sync button. - You can play the converted video files on iPad without any additional operations. - If you want to transfer to iPhone or iPod, please convert the movie files with "Create iPod or iPhone Version" on iTunes, and Sync.

3Daliens glu3D GPU v1.0.54 for 3dsMax

3Daliens glu3D GPU v1.0.54 for 3dsMax | 1.60 MB

glu3D GPU is the NVIDIA CUDA GPU accelerated version of the well know glu3D fluid dynamics plugin for 3dsMax. It speeds up intensive computations that glu3D performs to calculate particle fluid dynamics. With this glu3D edition it is possible to simulate faster and with more particles than before; it is possible to simulate your scene more times; it is almost interactive. Animated fluid scenes with more quality and level of detail.

Awesome Password Generator 1.3

Awesome Password Generator 1.3 | 800KB

Awesome Password Generator is an easy to use application for quick generation of common passwords or Wi-Fi (WPA) passphrases. Just launch the generator and a shiny new password will be copied in the clipboard automatically. Common, "general purpose" passwords for e-mail, online accounts and any desktop applications; Wi-Fi (WPA) passphrases for your wireless devices; Easy-to-type passwords like p-zuus2Dzx, not c]57%/z&Q9; Passwords without confusing characters like 0 (zero) and O (oh); QuickGen: on Windows 7/8 you can generate passwords via taskbar button's menu. For system administrators/IT-professionals is is also a powerfull tool for single or bulk password generation, with console version for using from scripts (examples in batch and PowerShell included. GUI single/bulk password/wi-fi passphrase generation; Easy-to-type and Exclude confusing characters options; Quick and secure: Copy to clipboard automatically and Clear clipboard on exit options; Console version: apg-cl.exe has same functionality as GUI version. Do not mess with command line options--just run GUI, set up password length, quantity, charsets and other options as you wish, and click Command line builder. Run apg-cl.exe with generated command line parameters; This is a free software with open sources (GNU GPLv3).